Stroll Along Congress

Let’s go for a walk: a two mile, about three hour, stroll along Congress

Judith Helburn

The Texas State Capitol is 3 blocks west from the Sheridan.  A stroll around the grounds will introduce you to numerous [over 20] sculptures, some of which are pretty interesting. I like the 2 right at the Congress street entrance. It is also a good place to hang out with some coffee.

But the main interest is a walk down Congress to 2nd street. If you start walking south on the west side of Congress, within a block, in the 1100 block, you will come to the Old Bakery and Emporium, the first suggested stop. Inside you will find lotsa art and crafts, mostly made by older locals. The prices are really low. I like the cloth purses, but there is also jewelry, quilts, pottery, and other crafty items. Of course, you will find a bunch of Texana.

Along the way there are many places to stop for coffee and food. I’ll only mention a few. The next shop of interest is Consuelo’s between 7th & 8th, which is wild with colorful purses, bags and more. These items are made right next door and are all of vinyl/oilcloth. Look around and enjoy yourself.

On the west corner of 3rd street, are a bunch of food trucks, ranging from lobster rolls to tacos. Very popular for the lunch crowd with places to sit—and there are benches all along the way as well.

Turn right on 2nd street and walk past the first block to find a statute of our own Willie Nelson. Second Bar & Restaurant is a nice place to eat, right on the corner of 2nd and Congress. The good stuff on 2nd street is between Lavaca and Colorado on the south side of the street. My favorites are Sikara Jewelry with gorgeous jewelry at reasonable prices [no diamonds here] and Toy Joy. TJ is mainly for kids, but I’ve never walked out without buying something for myself. None of the “Toys-r-us” kind of stuff. It is a riot of color. In-between is UAL [United Apparel Liquidators] which has designer samples. You might find a treasure. You might not.

As you head back, you might want to check out our mod City Hall between 1st [Caesar Chavez] and 2nd on Lavaca. They always have juried local art on display.

Heading back north on the east side of Congress, you will pass Modern Market with wonderful salads. Shortly after that is the Mexci Arte Museum, always interesting. Their gift shop is small but fun—lotsa Frieda Kahlo. Between 6th & 7th is the only grocery store in the area as well as a funky coffee/light food place, The Hideout.

It’s time to head back and put your feet up.